At our upcoming Padre Pio Festival, we are once again honored to be the official host of the collection of relics of Padre Pio from the Monastery of the Carmelite Sisters of Philadelphia. As Mother Teresa of St. Augustine, the Superior of the Convent said, “This is too precious of a collection of relics to be simply displayed in our convent. We sisters want to be able to share this exhibit with all those who would like to feel closer to this saint of many miracles.” The collection of relics will be on display both on Saturday evening Sept. 14, 2019, as well as throughout the morning, afternoon and evening on Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019, in our special Padre Pio Chapel.

Deacon Alexander Pancoast and Fr. Thomas O’Donald stand at the display of holy relics at the Carmelite Monastery.

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Portrait of Padre Pio.

Relic - holy card with Pio's signature

Relic-Holy Card with Padre Pio’s signature.

Relic glove from stigmata

Glove that Padre Pio wore during Mass, to cover the wounds of his stigmata.

Relic pieces of Pio's habit

Pieces of Padre Pio’s habit, undergarment, rope and sandal.

Relic wound in hand

Padre Pio’s blood from the wound in his hand.

relic - monstrance

Padre Pio’s blood from his side wound.


Kneeling pillow, used by Padre Pio.

Photo of Pio

Photo of Padre Pio celebrating Mass.

Pio's snuff box

Relic of a snuff container used by Padre Pio for his bronchial congestion.